Class 8 – Tuesday and Saturdays

This week was a  surprise – and it needed to be – however there were those stalwarts who had gone back over past terms to see what we would be up to … it didn’t help though, as our powers (or sometimes lack of ) observation can surprise even those who have been looking at something 5 minutes before. Its about REALLY seeing what you are sketching and this is true connection with your subject – some say you drift into’ sketch world’ where mortgages and car payments are a thing of the past – ha !  – for a while at least.  The results were  fantastic as you can see from the posts. The local flower shop  – thanks to Morag at Devonport flowers –  was swamped and the beautiful bike parked outside  was the perfect subject-  A bit of rain didn’t deter us and we sketched on through – true ‘watercolour’ you might say –  well done as always  teams, and remember – no twink !   🙂

By the way –  all bike sketchers check this link  below – fascinating…